Dark Shadows Festival in Tarrytown

Dark Shadows Festival in Tarrytown

The annual Dark Shadows Festival was held last weekend at Tarrytown, shooting location for both House and Night of Dark Shadows. Guests included Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Marie Wallace, Sharon Smyth and Jerry Lacy. Broadwayworld.com was there and captured a number of images, samples of which are below. For additional images, click HERE.

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  1. Wish I could have gone. Live too far away and my finances wouldn’t permit it this year. Maybe next year. But then, the event limited the number of guests in the first place so I don’t know if I could have even gotten in.

  2. I finally went to the Tarrytown festival and it was awesome !!!! The tribute to Jonathan Frid was touching and getting to meet and see all these icons upclose was surreal. I got to buy some of Mr. Frid’s personal belongings and meet his family. Being at the actual Lyndhurst mansion, had me walking around trying to figure out which scene was filmed in what room. It was an absolutely magical weekend ! I recommend that everyone who has ever loved Dark Shadows attend at least once in their lifetime! It will bring your childhood memories roaring back !!!!

  3. That sounds like a great time. If you feel like expanding on what the experience was like, please feel free to do so. Just wondering: much discussion about the movie there or did everyone kind of forget about it?

  4. I was at the event in Tarrytown. Sharon Smyth talked a bit about how the movie has divided the fans. She took a poll of how many in the audience liked the movie and it was 50/50 by show of hands. Personally, I think this stinking movie has ruined DS fandom. I’m pretty sure that many who would have gone to Tarrytown stayed home because they were disillusioned by how some of the stars of the original series have responded to this movie. Lara also mentioned the movie and sort of backtracked on the insulting things she’d said about original series fans in her blog. I’m tired of the mindset I’ve seen on other DS sites that unless an original series fan likes the movie, they should keep their trap shut, otherwise they are just being unpleasant. Frid’s death just prior to the release also did not set well with me. The whole thing leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and had I not coordinated with some friends as a get-together, I would have cancelled my plans to attend. I’ve been to an embarrassing number of festivals, something like 6 or 7 since 1996, and I will NOT be going back. Oh by the way, Nancy Barrett showed up on Sunday and did a marvelous little skit with Jerry Lacy. He wrote a scene which had Carolyn and Tony Peterson meeting up at the Blue Whale after all these years. Jim Pierson said they are talking about having the next fest at sea.

    • If the next fest is at sea, there’s really no point in my going. Lyndhurst would be as much the draw for me as the convention. I also agree that the movie has damaged fandom.

      I’m still very tired of the Facebook groups that declared if you don’t like the movie keep your mouth shut. Of the groups I’ve seen most of them have gone quiet on the movie. Almost worse than that are all the screen caps that pop up with a snarky caption attached to it inviting others to do the same. (For full disclosure, on a Chris Bernau picture, I left an Alan Spaulding reference but now I wish I hadn’t done it.) I’m not saying we should all be boringly solemn about our love for the show, but if I had been Jonathan Frid I would have found a lot of those captions hurtful. I forget where I read this, when Jonathan Frid did become aware of the snarking of Dark Shadows and of Barnabas, he DID find it hurtful. I’ve heard the “we kid because we love” but really must one show their love by cutting down another person’s work? Is this what it means to be a fan of a show in the 21st Century?

  5. I just wanted to add that John Karlen has been conspicuously absent from any mention in the media since before Jonathan Frid died. I never saw a statement from him on Frid’s death. He didn’t show up at the movie event at the Vista in LA, and worse yet, he wasn’t at the mini-festival in Tarrytown. I haven’t been to every fest for sure, but I can’t remember one without his exuberant presence. Does anybody know what’s going on with John Karlen? I would love to know.

    • Karlen probably denies his association with DS after DeppShadows…lol! Or, maybe he thought he should have had a cameo in the film? I mean, he’s the Emmy winner, and he didn’t get asked?

      • Well, I do recall Karlen making a disparaging remark about Johnny Depp trying to play Barnabas. That was way before the movie was even finished, a couple of years ago at a fest. Frankly, he should have been asked to do the cameo with Frid, Parker, and Scott instead of David Selby. Don’t get me wrong, I love Selby and Quentin was a great character, but the Depp movie didn’t have anything to do with the Quentin character, and a LOT to do with Karlen’s Willie. I don’t know what is going on with Karlen, but I like to think he’s a man of integrity and that is why he has refused to have anything to do with the mockery that was made of the original series and of Frid in that DeppShadows.

        • Rumor has it that Johnny Karlen was “un-invited” to any official Dark Shadows events because he has a “disagreement” of sorts with Jim Pierson.

  6. Wish I could have been there. Lara still looks great I see. I wonder if anyone took Pierson to task for DeppShadows? LOL!!!

    • It was a very toned-down fest, with fewer guests than I ever remember them having.. There was not even a Q&A with all the guests onstage as they used to have, and Pierson didn’t open the floor to a Q&A with himself either. They did allow questions after each guest spoke. I don’t think anybody wanted to cause too much of a commotion there. It just wasn’t appropriate, with Frid’s nephew and family in attendance. One of the most applauded and appreciated moments occurred when Donald Frid, clearly still grieving, spoke to us about his Uncle Jon. Each guest was supposed to speak about their time with Frid, in his memory.

      If I were to speculate, I believe Pierson and DC Productions have realized their stamp of approval on DeppShadows has driven many fans away from the events. Although I did not know Dan Curtis personally, I can’t help but think he would NEVER have approved of what they did with his DS. For all I know, Frid seeing that horrible trailer along with the stress of the journey to England, and having to view that clownish Depp as Barnabas distressed him to the point where it contributed to his ill-health. I can well imagine he might have felt humiliated, and that the world was going to have a laugh at his expense. It doesn’t give me warm feelings towards anybody who was involved.

  7. Hi Miranda,

    I agree, taking Pierson to task in that venue — with Frid’s family there, especially — would not have been cool. I can only hope Pierson and DC productions has some kind of “remorse” about their involvement with DeppShadows.

    Your theory about what adversely affected Mr. Frid’s longevity may or may not be a factor. I would bet the trip over to do that “cameo” took its toll though.